Transition Forward: Best of Transgender Films

October 17 | 2:00pm – 4:00pm | Good Luck Macbeth Theatre



2015, 13m 47s, Germany (German)

Directed by Tim Ellrich

Conflicted with his father's sexuality, Adel tries to find his own tolerance in a traditional world.

Alison and Jeremy

2014, 27m 27s, US (English)

Directed by Alyxandra Press

Alison, a 25-year-old artist, is about to be reunited with her childhood love and best friend, Jeremy, whom she hasn't seen for ten years. After years of dating without success, she is excited to see him. Realizing that she has never stopped loving him, she believes, as adults, they can rekindle those feelings. But things don't always go according to plan.


1st Grade Picture

2014, 6m 45s, US (English)

Directed by Allen L. Sowelle, Written by Cam Montgomery Jr.

A mother comes to terms with her child's transition into manhood.

Upside Down

2014, 19m 6s, US (English)

Directed by Shira Levin

A 10 year-old girl, whose parents have recently divorced, befriends a transgender woman in her building, against her mother's wishes.


2013, 19m 56s, Canada (English)

Directed by Stephanie Young

Scarlines tells the story of Jack, a trans man who returns to his rural hometown for the first time since his transition. During his visit, he reconnects with loved ones who either fail to recognize him or struggle to accept him.

Mx Pink

2015, 13m 33s, France (French, English)

Directed by Marga Congreso

Mx. Pink tackles the phenomenon of gender pluralism. It is a story of two individuals from near extreme ends of the gender spectrum, who meet in a tabac, where an unexpected romance unfolds.

Kayla and Kyle

2014, 13m 4s, UK (English)

Directed by Andrew Rooke

A young transgender man must choose between his family and his identity.

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