The Duke Theater will host the first OutWest event with a kick-off of short films that serve to educate and entertain. The event begins at 6pm with a 50 minute Youth/Educational "Coming Out" block and after a short intermission resumes at 7:20m with "Living Proud", a block of films directed more towards an adult audience.

Hosted by Tahoe Pride and Friends of Ally Student Club and presented by Our Center, the goal of the kick-off is to educate and bring awareness about the LGBTQ community in South Tahoe as well as offer a safe place to be ones self. A portion of ticket sales for the September 21st event will be donated to the LTCC Foundation earmarked for the Tahoe Pride Equality Scholarship est. 2013.

Letter To My 14 Year Old Self

7 minutes, 28 seconds, United Kingdom

Written by Lyra McKee nd Directed by Brian Mulholland

A brave writer shares a letter to her younger self on the secret she holds, hate she is facing and her wish to be like everyone else. 

My Life, My Story

16 minutes, France

Directed by Thitia Marquez

In a filmed interview, a young student named Ethan agrees to testify and tell his story and his conflicts with his father on his homosexuality.

Starring Jane

5 minutes and 42 seconds, United States

Directed by Brendan McCann

A young drag queen with a background in performance tackles the social repercussions of being transgendered.


I Promise

4 minutes, 30 seconds, United States

Written by Molly Ezell and Directed by Paige McCay

Two friends discuss life, love and the pursuit of a brighter tomorrow


6 minutes 26 seconds, United States

Written by Meagan Flynn and Directed by Savannah Rodgers

After falling deeply in love, two women struggle with domesticity and their opposite personalities.

Tellin' Dad

15 minutes, United Kingdom

Written by Carl Loughlin and Directed by Andre D Chambers

A young man struggles with coming out to his family


15 minutes, United Kingdom

Written and Directed by Jake Graf

The award winning short tells the story of a trans man from age two to 70,  who without medical treatment to transition, lives his life as a lesbian. The film is told in flash backs as Chris remembers the struggle to fit into society and his great love with Julie. Dusk is a story that will stay with you and leave you wanting more as Chris contemplates a life half-lived.

The Marriage

25 minutes, 40 seconds, Spain

Written by Sergio Rey and Directed by Víctor Quintero and Sergio Rey

Today is the most important day in the lives of Suso and Ricard: after several years in a relationship they’re going to get married. Ricard comes from a Catalan family of rancid lineage; Suso, from a humble one in La Mancha. Both of their families are delighted with the marriage. Well, not all: Adela, Suso’s grandmother, will be present at the dinner, but unaware that what’s being celebrated is her grandson’s wedding day.